Friday, March 16, 2012

Iron Guard

Dear Beautiful,
     I heard so many people say that they loved Chi 44 Iron Guard, as a heat protectant. I however don't like it. I have tried it many different times in different way. I have tried it on my dry hair and also putting it in while wet. Both made my hair feels sticky after being straightened. If I'm straightening my hair I don't want it to be sticky, I want it nice and soft. The one thing I did find when I put it in my hair wet is that it's worked a bit like mousse. It makes my hair a bit curlier/wavier and doesn't give it the crunch mousse does. I think that's really weird, it also doesn't feel at all sticky. So as a heat protectant I don't like Chi 44 Iron Guard, regardless of what it does for my hair if put in wet.
Stay Beautiful. Rose

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